Do You Know Your Why?

Do You Know Your Why?
Purchasing a home is a major decision in one’s life. You begin by thinking about where you would want to live, what kind of you home you would want to buy, and ultimately how much of a home you can afford. But I believe that before you can answer those questions, there’s another more important question that you must answer first. Why would you like to own a home? Is it because you want to find a home that is close to work, and no longer want to do the long commute? Is it because you want your children to attend good schools? Is it because you are tired of paying rent, and feeling you are tossing money down the drain? When you can figure this part out, you’ll be able to successfully guide your home buying journey. Along that journey you’ll see homes that aren’t quite perfect, or aren’t quite right. But by reverting back to your why you can put things into perspective. You might say that although this particular home needs a little bit of work, it is in a good school district. Or you find the perfect home that's only ten minutes away from your office, but you don't like that it has a pool. You can have the pool filled and sleep in longer thanks to your shorter commute. If you have figured out your why, I’d love to know about it. I have heard so many reasons why someone wants to own a home over the last decade that I’m always curious to see hear what someone has to say.
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